Events in the cloud

Add a hands-on experience to any technical conference, trade show, or event without the need for costly on-site hardware. Access training or presentation computers provisioned as you need them, in the quantity you need them, 24/7 before, during, and after your event. Deliver high-performance hands-on labs, instructor-led labs, demos, or seminars directly from the cloud, with only a laptop and Internet connection.

Classroom in the cloud

Deliver a hands-on training experience on complex software platforms without needing to rent classroom equipment, or bring students to one place. Students can access a personal copy of your training or lab environment, on demand, and use that for the duration of the training course. Federate your online classroom using SharePoint, or any website or application, making holSystems a seamless part of any existing site, solution, or LMS.

Demos/POC in the cloud

Host complex software demos in a ready-to-use state, available in seconds anywhere in the world. Access your demo prior to arrival at your customer site to prepare or tailor the demo to help close that sale. Demo environments can be as small as one PC, or as large as a multi-segment network with multiple servers, federated with Office 365.